World's First Museum for Left Hander

We are glad to inform you that on behalf of your support and needful blessings we have inaugurated World's First Museum for Left Hander @ Goa by the hands of Hon. Minister of Art and Culture(Goa) Shri. Govind Gaude sir. This is one of the unique creation of the world which won't be possible to create without your good wishes ! This Museum contains statues of 100 successful left handed celebrities & interesting facts about their life. Please do visit this exclusive place whenever you plan Goa. Thanks once again.

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United Cause

Different Club for Different People

Society forms a very important part of our life. We believe that we are responsible for the instances and incidents in our life. But it stands as a fact that the society forms a person and imparts all the values in him. India is the second largest populated country of the world with a population of more than 125 billion people with a majority of right-handed people. According to a survey about 10–12 % of the population is left-handed. With reference to this survey; more than 10 crore of the Indian Population should be left-handed. In spite of that much large existence; this special community is still untouched and till date has not been privileged with a Social Platform. The left-handed people also need a society to evolve with their own identity out of this right handed world. We also need a community where we can distinguish and identify ourselves.

Approx. Lefthanders in India


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Aim and Objectives

We aim to build a strong family of left handed people where there is no discrimination of caste, colour, religion, language, gender and most important their socio economical status thus build a beautiful nation.

  • Create Awareness
  • Celebration
  • Research
  • Create Help line Desk
  • Child, Youth and Women Brigade
  • Become Voice of New India
  • Develop Left hander user friendly products
  • Develop Think Tank
  • Golden Opportunity for Social Networking

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Near Wockhardt Research Center, Chikalthana MIDC,
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